Does F word really entitle us ladies?????

Between-feminism-and-male-chauvinism-where_s-equalityFeminism is what makes a woman glow deep within, knowing the limitations and the boundless energies which flows in. This is what makes a “Me”, entire entity and a universe which one can clearly see. Where we think a woman unfurls the deepest beauties of being what in reality she is, one always stand in awe for the presentation of the term which gets regards on every glance….indeed the very word called….A Lady.

Speaking to an old ally made me understand this term even deeper than before, for the reason that the male eyes look up to a woman with several different angles and articulations dispersing the grey idea of what it takes to be a woman.  On a sizzling cuppa coffee I got the exact lookout of that perfect way I was looking forward to………

Q1. Describe your best definition of feminism?

M:  I won’t say the words by the books for the Law now stands by you. I will simply refer it to be someone of an alien origin….meaning something which is long forgotten by very YOU centered generation. I sound brash, I am for it is not what elegance and shy feel refers to…… if I talk of today every corner holds a Rani Jhansi ready to fight even if she is wrong in the face. Of late I was even a deep admirer of this term, but now when it sticks out a pouty face I feel the disgrace of even thinking of taking this term for stake.

This was my grey side, now I shall speak of my white side the words…..the very words by the book. I cannot talk about justifying my words but I heard it somewhere where it said,” “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Is it true? If I see this and talk about your case(Cornering Me) I would simply say No, for the reason that YOU have become so vast that the basic need of enlightenment and bringing up a social order or norm is now a long gone story. Still I feel it is about having a position of honor and right to everything which WE generation can do.

Q2. Do you think this term would even breathe in future?

M: (laughs) I can easily see you breathing this word every time when a woman crosses you by. Now do I have to elaborate? When I spoke about Law, I feel the platform for righteousness is on floor and the equality juncture is bestowed properly to everyone……including YOU & WE generations altogether. Yet this parameter needs a little care in fading areas where if male centered things exist then it is a need to shout out for feminism. Cause a vehicle of life supports YOU & WE one is gone other Will collapse. So while we are breathing I strongly believe it will bear fruits of goodness in future.

Q3. This term Feminism does it really in reality mean anything to you……it’s not about defining but accepting the term as it is?

M: if you talk about me I simply say Yes and a No. Yes, for the reason that I came in this world through my mother…..i didn’t fall from a tree like Newton’s Gravitation Law, or like Miracles of Walt Disney. I do support this term as woman is one who can bring and give A life a meaning a reason to live. She alone can create……. She alone can destroy. It’s all on what way she takes things on her stride. She can compel a person like Erin Brokawich……or She can simply turn the tide like Phoolan. But if my No section exists it exists because of the extension which this term has taken in the present context.  Now I can simply add for granted as the law now has bent in their direction and if it goes to the wrong hands you can simply get the idea when it all will end…………….

I got late but felt the heat and burning sensation of letting these words set inside my mind, for this term has no definition, on book, off book record seems like a foggy perception to me I even remembered my brother once telling me a quote that if “A woman knows to make her lifetime hero her king……shell be treated like a Queen till she goes old……. So if the rights are what makes feminism a beauty then wonders is what actually really makes a Woman.feminist

L word…….does it really work???

This is love……..or is it even love? The two parameters with thin lines to hold on the feelings which run deeper than before. I simply say words are not enough when it comes to feelings which run deeper in veins and burn that sensation which is felt like never before. It simply submerges a wave of passion which makes a soul go deeper in the sensations like never before…… it simply is one feel which is passionate and so overflowing that tries and resenting the tide is one action …..a wrong turn.tango-pic-2

Rise and shine lovebirds and welcome back to my series of forever loving searching and feeling……wherein one can easily get the right moods to make those three words sound so bright. If I say love is endless….it indeed is for those magical words can melt any hard shell to swirling butter and taste like those wet lips bound with a simple kiss.

Here again I was……the same coffee shop the same seat and the same decorum which makes me glow like never before. I was deep in my mind to set those words right for him…….My very Him who was always there and so very enticing to cuddle to. My wildest fantasies were so very screaming in my mind that I just wanted to show him my endless side of love and endless passions which I have kept unfurled deep inside me and a dilemma whether this time is right for these words to come out of me, for I have awaited this time since last four years and sensed every move made by him towards me, towards sealing that feel forever…….

My heart was pumping madly my mind buzzing, my shaking hands and a sweaty body. I felt like this is indeed the end…….but why to let these feelings die within me when I am too young to let my first love be true and everlasting ……. Just like that. I was about to make that move when my hands told me to stop once and look in that squeaking mirror which was facing and sensing my whole soul day in and day out………. All it came like a flashback to me when I first time encountered me to his blazing eyes scorching me deeply inside and speculating if I was the right choice for the job. He was in his early thirties and I was in my late twenties……..but where does life see when it comes to Love at First sight? I was in love for I read in poems stories of ardent love which shakes the very tail feathers of you the moment you fell for love. So here I was now his Personal secretary adviser cum colleague who aided him in his deepest blacks and whites, ups and down and so on………..

Yoga-of-Intimacy-Image-But this was not the time for all the past to see me in the face, this was the time when I was set to take that step further and make him forever mine……. I picked my pink cell phone and dialed his number…….Hello….. Came his reply ………. Priya ……….what’s so urgent that you called me at this time of hour? I heard him having chat……. Was someone with him I didn’t know? Still mustering the strength in me I spoke, “I love you,” There was nothing but music and the rustle of paper. Looks like he was busy with his talks………what I was thinking was an open and honest expression. “Did you hear me?” I paused. “I said I love you.” There was a pause and the phone hung. Oh I was so down that I couldn’t stay further there. Any longer while my mind needed that soothing touch……how could Dhruv be so arrogant to my feelings, my very vulnerable feelings? Now when it started to pour down I wanted to drench to soul and feel my acking heart heat up and burst right in my chest. And there he was all wet thrilled and excited to be noticed. I was shaking within my fears when he came forward and held me tight saying why didn’t I said this before……………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amongst the Moaning came a feel of TRUEST AROUSAL~~~!!!!!

It seems like yesterday when i wore out my best attire to please my loving disguise, of which if i am sure was my man luck visiting me every now and then. But whilst it became my destiny, i came to feel the moment just being right for my bodily feel and never letting go of deepest arousal’s which killed me deeper then i thought they actually could. Now when i laugh on my flamboyance of not holding my sensuality, i still feel the urge of bringing it out and loud like never before…………..

Rise and shine and welcome back! New year held in it new beginnings of which new ways to explore the bodies is what makes one drool deeper then ever. Since lovers are the best blessings in disguise i feel now the time has come for louder squeals and dashing orgasms. On which one might consider the advantage of being in ones arms rather the best way possible. Rather sounding it so ironic why not should one make it more and more deeper in veins then dreaming about it all night long?

Withholding the feelings of burning within can only make you cream out for the male you admire, for confessing it might steadily bring inside the will to be in each others arms, than just making it merely sound in words. Just imagine the magic which those three beautiful words make in ones mind when said from the depth of the heart. Well ladies this is the right golden way to make your male melt just at the gaze you give when he wants to look deeply into your soul.

Often people say this is the mode of making things a little more spiced up by simply letting in the ways to make you really melt down deep inside for him. Well the sound of these words only made me cream deeper for my man who by the chance again visited my same old coffee shop. Here i am sitting and watching couples rush in and out like same old ways while he sits there and gazes at me greedily, just like about to devour me will make his appetite be better then before.

So lets come back to the mode of deeper arousal and moaning sweeter like candy bar.  Now i can appease myself by saying yes my feelings for my male are somewhat more intense then before but when i really am close to him they go to heights which i really cannot imagine. He rubbing me deeper and i surrendering him more and more is what makes me feel the best turned on mode ever. But now when i am in my arousal he needs to be too close that there remains no space at all, seriously not even to breathe. For this level of ecstasy is a dream which i had lived and i still want to live it till i m old enough to bid Adieu.

Now the sheets and silks are what makes me want to explore him more and more all i need is his tough and loving gaze which we ladies know how to grasp when available plenty. But remember to be feeling it for the aromas of lovemaking are stronger then any fragrance and perfumes we might wear for that desirable night~~~~~!!!!!!!crop


Birds on the riches WORTH sensualizing the misses

hq-black-white-other-goticos-ffs-cute-arena-2-sensual-one-art-women-wave-pics_large1Long time went by since i wrote out feelings which fly

to me it seems like a busy end one bottom within one long bend

Whilst it certainly came to my notice of me getting fixed

then why does it seems to be one with bushes?


Often i heard that making moans is a perfect sound

does it have those lost guts to float around?

Or is it the lust which gives a thumping ground

within which comes and goes feelings well profound


I still remember my whispering ecstasy

which is soon now becoming a painful mystery

Will it someday make me go strong?

or summon my last sweat and bloody showdown


Now when i come to think of letting it go

it somehow feels a need more time to flow

When i will make my words fly to that window

it will certainly get in tune with the hollows……………!!!!!!!

Will this seduction leads me anywhere~~~!!!!!!??????!!!!!!

s-sleeping-black-white-labrujita-good-morninggood-night-sexy-pics-sensual-couple-sexy1-romance-lcsexy-graphics-my-arena-couples-1-4-1-10_largeOf all till now i went to experiment it altogether to try newest ways of seductions and as people call it newest modes of a term called Lovemaking.But inch by inch when the needle like seduction pierce my nude body i feel like getting inside it every time when i find myself in High erozonous zones of passion and ardor. Making this more difficult is what my specialty is all about but getting the wishes promised is somewhat a difficult different story for sure. But since we all are born primates i feel to be in this mode is somewhat tempting and both challenging altogether.

Rise n Shine lovers and welcome welcome welcome back to my never ending tide of love and making it happen. Now when i know i have already spilled the milky beans i am not ashamed of admitting that yes we all are born to be hooked and Humped sometimes,for the season of love is what makes things go Topsy tumble and bring out the volcano of ardent arousal’s and perfect orgasms. When thinking can make a lover go mad actually creating it can carve out a perfect silhouette of a strange asset which for sudden reasons is created by very own selves. But rendering and accessing the caressed feelings is somewhat a different story.

So now my folks reading things between the lines answer my question divine….What makes you actually drool for your beloved? Those perfect curves or the killing look…..those mighty seductive biceps or tempting visible chest from the open shirt? Those eyes of lust or the blended kiss of melted chocolate? I can taste it with my males salts as that is what makes a mad lovemaking ultimate bliss and ecstasy. While i went to see all folks who are crazy about Sex i saw to every extent of people becoming more and more prone to letting it happen anywhere. Only yesternight i remember while coming from my running i saw this flushed couple in a regular sedan moving and making things happen.

Now while we all know a simple thing that no for an answer is making thing very hot to handle, why should we not make that extraordinary happen once for all when we are too eager to explore unprecedented boundaries of vigor and delights?After all even history has a record of all these acts of pleasure seeking in a beautiful book of Kamasutra, for those ardent lovers who know there is a never ending tide of being crazy about the beloved…..right from the beginning! Every time when i sense this feeling it gives a lot more energy to me to pursue my thought and bring then to visibility of making all those lost times come back to green pastures.

But as i always say this route to leading sensuality is never going to be an easy ride i am preparing to bring it to more bumpy section wherein i can smile and submerge myself in those never ending tides of being and flowing in love. But never forgetting to lay a comfort hand when your love needs the most of it al through the tiring day and tedious hours of laborious work, a slight massaging can even sprinkle the best pleasures altogether the final course deed in the end, for even the primates need to be truest of lovers and best ever partners in sexual crimes~~~~!!!!!!!5901424689_af7eba70c2


Where the mind is the Body seduces~~~!!!!!!

couples2Its been a while since the rhythm of the flow

was all meant like an evening matinee show

Whilst those succumbing arrows of piercing vibes

i stood challenging your incoming tides


Now withholding the feelings will become too sharp

door by the porch is left ajar

When you came through the sudden dismay

I way if too long was not that easy to say


Those divine touches made my skin glow

for this is what is true love in the flow

Not for the alley not for the streets

it is for us to make it please


People might sound that this mad Love

Will always remain sticking us together

Now when these sensual things do mean

What all should be ever left to be seen


Against all odds is a bygone story

When crowning the manhood is the ultimate glory

Come lets tide through the battles of wrestling together

as this is the junction we both sail in forever~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


Boiling point of happiness is what matters………….NOW~~!!!!!

Girl drawing smiley face on to a wall
Girl drawing smiley face on to a wall

Resting against the walls of various walks

i shudder to take a trip to unfinished talks

I may be letting things fall i their right place

for the way to endless pleasures and happiness is patience all it takes


Neither clean nor dirty thoughts need a measurement

for the words are more than enough for perfect harassment

As we all take this mode to a series of daily punishments

but a mere smile bites off all that surrounds our depressions


So will it cost more then all things worth trying

or will it make things sound like never before

Although all looks like a never ending story

but while we say it as blurted fact it will always remain through living


Cannot make all vanished facts to run against the winds

but bit by bit may be things lookout for a better verification

So often while i sit by the river t talk on it

i always feel a smile can kill even the darkest of shadows intentions


Does it simply say on that board to smile

then it might have taken a while

For this was what i thought is the best wave of beauty

i can make it continue to let me have more softly


Now when i know the beautiful aspect of smile

i may consider it being on my soft-board all the time~~~!!!!!!!

Man stands between boulders on summit, arms out
Man stands between boulders on summit, arms out