I still say as i always say that the  melting benefits of being with one of true bubbling libido is always the right choice for pleasure chambers! And why should this not be , for the postures and positions have always been the targets of numerous SMS Jokes Books Litterateurs etc…..The spirit of enjoying a life lasting SEX APPEAL is always the key target of sins of the night!!! I used to ogle on all those old ads describing the nights curiosity about sex , let me correct the ads done by very own Bollywood oldies and i used to feel are these the prime reasons for all those wierd sounds which used to come from my next apartments!!!!! SHHHH SHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHH i should not say this for “WO LOG KYA SOCHENGE?”

I, despite the fact about this all, was so much obsessed with those mighty carved silhouettes of figures in deep shades of LOVEMAKING that my mother even made some when she was in her early twenty through her beautiful paintings! The depth, feel, height of ARDOR is unspeakable for they throw light on the beauty of “KAMASUTRA” The Story of LOVE! I wondered how all the foreplays and fun came to focus for this was all practices millions of years ago by Courtesans Dancers Mistresses to satisfy the mighty kings after they had a very tiring day long and got immense relaxation through it………………….

I know the sounds movements and body actions depict the height of passion arose for both male and the female. But still i consider this the ROLE-PLAY played evenly by both the SEXES to imbibe in themselves a spirit of nourishing the relationship both simultaneous bonds of PLEASURE & PAIN, as Love & Lust both go hand in hand while courting of both the persons is taken into account. Even the extent to which both make each other properly aware of each others needs is even considered as a vital point for a successful living relationship.All  i say is that  if the level of Romancing is enjoyed with bodily needs it should even be enjoyed while Reciting a poetry, or being there with each other……..

I once read in a book the art of making love………… it clearly stated that if you make love to the body YOU JUST TUCH THE SHELL but if you make love to the soul YOU TOUCH THE ETERNITY FOR SURE! Though maximum couples forget this aspect after marriage but it is the prime key point always to be remembered for the rest of the coming life!!!! Another key point which is always noted is the comfortable feel of the OPPOSITE SEX, despite what it says this aspect is always ignored and forced upon to be done so!!!!

Yet i feel it more beautiful when the markings of the previous night remain on the respective body and after you see them yet again the bubbling delight of caressing blossoms to life and you don’t hesitate in committing the crimes of LUSTFUL PASSIONS FOR SURE!!!!!!! I agree for the morning becomes too long but if night stroke the rich spot for stimulation forget what time is it where is it just bang and get yourself into it!!!!!!!!





  1. such a virgin expression of LOVE-MAKING drenched in the aroma of sweet expectations of mutual orgasmic achievements :):) but touching the core of eternity is a remote desire to be take care of in today’s nuptial ceremonies where LOVE is often compromised over other issues :):)

    hasta la vista 🙂

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