When we actually say its gone for good~~~!!!!!

AttractiveCoupleInBedAnother push another twist but the myth is still there as a mist

while broken parts of lovely kisses were now just a line of misses

When the door to freedom was left ajar

why is it that i find my strength so far apart


Series of pictures poke in my eyes

while i sat among’st those who look inside

Peeping in the corner was never my daily mistake

while someone took my innocence as a biggest bait


Between the finer lines of life now i realize

was the dreaming of becoming someones a big disguise

When i remember the night is gone and the day about to rise

willing to let my freedom merge in between those chilled vibes


The burden of not being in arms is the real issue

so lets break all walls of being this untrue

Begin this new phase with the love of our choice

for the creeks and corners are not sufficient at ease~~!!!!!!!!!

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