If it shall be…………Youthful~~!!!!!!

youth_visage_01_lrOnce bloomed is never doomed where sights are ready to gloom

While one frowns to growth i shall render my throat

If this is all bias why people remain on the dais

To speak what is in mind might never be this divine


Of late i kept awake from the give and take till late

While people commented i recommended but it all sounded fake

Now whilst peoples dreams i have mushrooms i have creams

The mere icing is awaiting to open this weird dream


Rather grumpy way to start the day may be yours or mine way

But since the hour is positive lets leave out whatever is negative

Can an ounce of faith make the beautiful page where all is gained without a wage

I might make ahead a sun which is more alive than being dead


So once more i look and remember from place where i took

As this movement beneath me is making me more prudent

Of many deposits i took what all matters and profits

So here am i back again to loose the pain and happiness regain


Now while this theme came to be one foreseen

I shall rise from the graves and do all that it takes to make this motto of life prevail~~~!!!!!!!!


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