When we last time made Mad love~~!!!!!! Was it too edgy to be gloved??????

tumblr_lsvmhg7EEt1qmsnh3o1_500Level by level stroke by stroke

we whispered our love we spoke our words

When it was dusky we came to make love

but this naughty youth came over and we snogged the world


Is it too deep when you get inside my thoughts

and seduce my soul as though first time love

It is next to impossible for my naked thinking to melt in the sand

when bossom get tangled in your warmth and glance


Hitting for the woods make me seek you like god

cause it is something which arose the passion this far

Like i said it always the best is about to start

For the longings of apart worlds still keep us in hearts



So what is the next step divine soul just gets

while we stir up our emotions and get ready to rest

Inspired feelings of taking this extent is as far we can

for the bubbling ardor of making youth smile is the best bet



For murky linens to satin shaded red

We make the vow of creating bliss that never ends

from dusk till dawn the hands we held

Let the bodies speak while we caress


Sparkling eyes and those juicy lips red

Inspiring provokes and inner thoughts intact

Lets make love to this very feeling ahead

for dreams unfurling tonight will give us the lead~~~!!!!!!230835_200114276696908_199832113391791_506760_7600070_n


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