Where the mind is the Body seduces~~~!!!!!!

couples2Its been a while since the rhythm of the flow

was all meant like an evening matinee show

Whilst those succumbing arrows of piercing vibes

i stood challenging your incoming tides


Now withholding the feelings will become too sharp

door by the porch is left ajar

When you came through the sudden dismay

I way if too long was not that easy to say


Those divine touches made my skin glow

for this is what is true love in the flow

Not for the alley not for the streets

it is for us to make it please


People might sound that this mad Love

Will always remain sticking us together

Now when these sensual things do mean

What all should be ever left to be seen


Against all odds is a bygone story

When crowning the manhood is the ultimate glory

Come lets tide through the battles of wrestling together

as this is the junction we both sail in forever~~~~!!!!!!!!!!


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