When we last time made Mad love~~!!!!!! Was it too edgy to be gloved??????

tumblr_lsvmhg7EEt1qmsnh3o1_500Level by level stroke by stroke

we whispered our love we spoke our words

When it was dusky we came to make love

but this naughty youth came over and we snogged the world


Is it too deep when you get inside my thoughts

and seduce my soul as though first time love

It is next to impossible for my naked thinking to melt in the sand

when bossom get tangled in your warmth and glance


Hitting for the woods make me seek you like god

cause it is something which arose the passion this far

Like i said it always the best is about to start

For the longings of apart worlds still keep us in hearts



So what is the next step divine soul just gets

while we stir up our emotions and get ready to rest

Inspired feelings of taking this extent is as far we can

for the bubbling ardor of making youth smile is the best bet



For murky linens to satin shaded red

We make the vow of creating bliss that never ends

from dusk till dawn the hands we held

Let the bodies speak while we caress


Sparkling eyes and those juicy lips red

Inspiring provokes and inner thoughts intact

Lets make love to this very feeling ahead

for dreams unfurling tonight will give us the lead~~~!!!!!!230835_200114276696908_199832113391791_506760_7600070_n


If it shall be…………Youthful~~!!!!!!

youth_visage_01_lrOnce bloomed is never doomed where sights are ready to gloom

While one frowns to growth i shall render my throat

If this is all bias why people remain on the dais

To speak what is in mind might never be this divine


Of late i kept awake from the give and take till late

While people commented i recommended but it all sounded fake

Now whilst peoples dreams i have mushrooms i have creams

The mere icing is awaiting to open this weird dream


Rather grumpy way to start the day may be yours or mine way

But since the hour is positive lets leave out whatever is negative

Can an ounce of faith make the beautiful page where all is gained without a wage

I might make ahead a sun which is more alive than being dead


So once more i look and remember from place where i took

As this movement beneath me is making me more prudent

Of many deposits i took what all matters and profits

So here am i back again to loose the pain and happiness regain


Now while this theme came to be one foreseen

I shall rise from the graves and do all that it takes to make this motto of life prevail~~~!!!!!!!!


The truest pleasures of being and feeling VIRGIN~~~!!!!

If it was for only bed lovers i apologize cause as for the present time a new direction i am making my headway to first timers and extra conscious virgins~~!!!!  RISE N SHINE beautiful’s and handsome’s and welcome back to my den of cozy compartment and pleasure of being loved.  While i consider myself a truest part of new feeler i am going to pen down what actually goes on as a sea of deepest turmoils of being finally laid. Of which if i ask out for a real shout out maximum used to couples will give me a hard hearing, but when i simply see the section who might be submerging in this wave for the first time i myself remember my very first encounter when i was nervous to the core of being open to a never ending sea of deepest pleasures and ecstasies. Cause i remember the passionate embraces and deep sown scratches which made me feel beautiful like never before.

So if it comes to being a true virgin it is something which is regarded as far fetched by someone but those who know the truest values of it i am sure would like to share it only the male they are truly mad about. But now when the world is spinning like a roller coaster it is next to a miracle for a male or a female to be rarely a virgin. But if i may ask you all as to what exactly is the true meaning of virginity, people might find this question a little too personal or in some ways absurd. But believe me once a person truly realizes as to what this beautiful term simply means i am sure one would certainly like to keep it till the time is right for this very fruit to become ripe in order to enjoy life and long lasting love. So lets come back to the first timers~~!!outlander-couple-tvgm-727x530

So now when this issue is already out, why not shall we apply salt to make it taste the more naughty and kinky as ever. So dearest virgins a simple dimple question. Is it more precious the  gold to remain a virgin, or is it really worth to loose it and taste the pleasures of having the first sexual encounter? I feel many of them will simply blush and say yes it is, but lets focus on the daring ones. The ones who do want to make this moment of first time bliss to last for eternity, as the love and passion which bubbles up deep inside them is somewhat more intense then my regular lovers who know the feeling of being laid and finally accomplished.

But is it a taboo or a trend that i  find young folks getting more attracted to playing the game instead of making it just a sudden act of bliss. Maybes and maybe not’s though i myself sometimes bring this issue on my coffee mode but surely getting deeper into levels of unfurling desires and actions is somewhat a very different story foretold. So if now i get deeper for this issue and concern the first timers it will be a sea of unfinished tails…..Not JRR Tolkien novel, but my very own sea of speculations and predictions. Though here i am certain that the sentiments of my very new introduced group is somewhat necessary when it comes to narrating an encounter which changes the lives forever, for this very act initiates a feeling of true bonding with the flesh and more then that the Naked soul.

Whilst it saddens me when i find the first timers really shying off this beautiful fact that indeed lovemaking is not that big issue but a sweetest sudden melting of romanticism, and wander off chasing what seems to me is a never ending flame of guilt and promises left broken. As i am referring to my first time ever introduced beloved category i simply speak of my case, was i not in the same wavelength as the younger souls are today? Of corse yes i was, but i embraced it as it was something i gave to one who was my first love and even the future held doors for me to explore my love life more intently then before…..!!!!!






When we actually say its gone for good~~~!!!!!

AttractiveCoupleInBedAnother push another twist but the myth is still there as a mist

while broken parts of lovely kisses were now just a line of misses

When the door to freedom was left ajar

why is it that i find my strength so far apart


Series of pictures poke in my eyes

while i sat among’st those who look inside

Peeping in the corner was never my daily mistake

while someone took my innocence as a biggest bait


Between the finer lines of life now i realize

was the dreaming of becoming someones a big disguise

When i remember the night is gone and the day about to rise

willing to let my freedom merge in between those chilled vibes


The burden of not being in arms is the real issue

so lets break all walls of being this untrue

Begin this new phase with the love of our choice

for the creeks and corners are not sufficient at ease~~!!!!!!!!!

Waist by waist holding the sensual moods to blossom~~~!!!!!

Now when this is clear and near to your heart

i am ready to lay this moment very far apart

While whispering winds speak lot more then words

i am there with you to set all to unfurl


Wings of passion are gaining strength to soarSan-Diego-Lifestyle-Engagement-14San-Diego-Lifestyle-Engagement-14

and all that is left unsaid is ready to bear

For  the time which we spent together is always near

it is not too late for the fruits of hardest sweat to give us more


Now while the moments passed us by noticing it all

there is more to be done and maximum to be recalled

Time smile on us while we get in the deed together

for this is the feeling which never ever wither


As the pull of your force was answered by my sigh

you became hot and handsome to make me high

Supreme was the love between you and me that night

the moment was never to be forgotten until this very sight


So waking in your arms is my best obsession

for you and i are once and for all to be a motion

Feelings flow in veins like blood pumping high

And this is where the climax of our romanticism sets to be so mine~~~~!!!!!!!!!

A diamond forever and look for the eye~~!!!!

A-model-holds-the-Archduk-008Once again to my utmost horror i got a present

i was only too lost for words to show my anger and distrust

For the tryst in disguise was too presentable

while i as requested not to be to irresistible


Now when the diamond of everyone’s eyes is me

i am so down towards escaping this fact of to be

Neither people nor my dreams thought of making this fortune

for i was deeply in thought of how life will soon become


With solitude soon lost in the parameters

i was on the verge of letting go of my long lost fears

For the reason of becoming something was in tethers

while i was busy ruffling my long lost feathers


Now whispers of the dark cannot leave me begging down

for there wont be any chance for that forever frown

Whilst i see those ongoing shadows in the town

Making the deliberations becoming more and more sound


Diamond for the lady and eye for an eye

\will this reason always let me by

Although i feel no humor in my jokes anymore

for the irony lingers around me more then before


So more often now i am becoming that same old tigress

as the people around me think twice and react

For the vision of horizon wont be alone

till the time i held is long lasting one


I will rise once more with all beautiful effects

and detect all subjects of deepest regrets

Now is the time to let grudges hold me no more

as i am born to live and born to adore~~~~!!!!!




Kneeling on the knees sometimes is not actual~~~~!!!!!

Demonstrators hold up their hands outside the burned and looted Quik Trip gas station Tuesday August 13, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. | Jessica Koscielniak / Chicago Sun-Times

This is somewhat a reminder of many things which happen once in life

may be today or may be again this very moment in disguise

While the journey of life can never be considered as a reality

but still everything in hands always remain on stake


While we stand and watch people destroying us like hell

may be it is the deep set heart which keeps things away from being swelled

While i know the poison deep within strikes the very moment one considers people going beyond

may be this is all we know so far for a way to lead and be around


Night after night the questions unanswered are just enough

but since it is my method of seriously describing ways of being through

Still the hatred inside is more then all one can take as meal

so why not make this a part of life in a never ending deal


The sweetest bit of the candy was long time back over

while now i sit back to wink and ponder

If that was a miracle which brought life deep inside

who is that dark soul which came to be by me beside


Now i know how mean and cunning can feelings be

for they know the very sensible and invincible me~~~!!!!!Kneeling-Silhouette-640x156